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Usage and Privacy Policy

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Usage and Privacy Policy

Terms of use


Using ECRA Portal 

The ECRA e-portal (hereinafter referred to as "ECRA Portal" or "The Portal") provides data and information of Electricity and Cogeneration Regulatory Authority (hereinafter referred to as "ECRA")


By using the Portal, you agree to refrain from all of the following:

1- Providing or uploading files which contain software, material, data or any other information which are not owned by or licensed to be used by you.

2- Using the Portal in any way to send commercial emails or spam, or any abuse of such kind of the Portal.

3- Providing or uploading files that contain viruses or damaged data.

4- Publishing, announcing, distributing, or circulating materials or other information containing defamation, violations to laws, porn, obscenity, violations to Islamic teachings or public morality, or any other illegal material or information through the Portal.

5- Participating in activities that are illegal or unlawful in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the Portal.

6- Advertising – on the Portal - any product or service in violation of the laws or regulations applicable to any field.

7- Using any means, software or procedure to disable or in an attempt to disable the operation of the Portal.

8- Doing any action which imposes unreasonable, heavy or inappropriate load to the Portal's infrastructure.

Termination of Use

We may, according to our absolute discretion, terminate, restrict or block your access to the Portal without prior notice for any reason, including noncompliance with the Terms of Use or any other conduct which we may, according to our discretion, regard as unlawful or harmful to others. In case of termination, you shall no longer be authorized to access the Portal.


Linking from ECRA Gate


1- Links to other portals and/or websites are provided for the convenience of the Visitor. We shall not be liable for the contents or credibility of such portals and/or websites and we do not endorse their contents. Therefore, using such links to access such websites shall be entirely your responsibility.



2- We aim to replace invalid links - non-working - to other websites, but we cannot guarantee that these links will always work as we have no control over such links


Limitation of Liability

The e-services provided online by the Portal and the information about different government agencies and authorities are intended only to simplify manual procedures. You hereby acknowledge that you completely understand that online communications may be subject to interference or interception by a third party, that the Portal does not substitute information available through the official authorities and that the applications and administrative procedures can be made directly before the competent authorities.

Consequently, using the Portal shall be at your own risk, as we shall not be responsible for any losses or damages which you may incur as a result of using or visiting the Portal, relying on any statements, opinions, or announcements posted on the Portal, or any delay in internet connection or access failures and difficulties, malfunctions in equipment and software, or the views of any person accessing the Portal. You hereby acknowledge and agree that your sole and exclusive remedy for any damages or losses incurred as a result of accessing or using the Portal is to refrain from or discontinue using or accessing it.


Virus protection

We make every effort to check and test the contents of the Portal at every stage of production; however we advise you to use an antivirus software whenever you attempt to download any contents online. We shall not be held liable for any loss of, corruption of or damage to your data or computer system which may occur due to using the Portal or the material available on it.



ECRA Portal and the services, information, materials and functions available or accessed through it are provided for your personal use on an "as is" and “as available” basis with no acknowledgements, promises or guarantees of any kind whatsoever.

We cannot guarantee and shall not be held liable for any disruptions, errors or violations that may result from using the Portal, its contents or any sites linked to it with or without our knowledge.

Any communication or information which a user may send through this Portal shall not be entitled to proprietary or confidential status and any use or interactive use involving the Portal shall neither guarantee nor mean to grant a user any rights, licenses or other privileges whatsoever.



You hereby acknowledge that you shall not take any measures against ECRA or any of its directorates or branches, as well as any parties, employees or agents responsible for managing, maintaining, updating or administering the Portal. This is considered an exemption of any liabilities or responsibilities that may arise due to any claims resulting from your violation of the Terms of Use or any other applicable laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the country of your residence.



The Portal is the official portal of Electricity and Cogeneration Regulatory Authority ( ECRA),

The materials available on the Portal, including the information graphics and software (contents), are protected by copyrights, trademark and other forms of proprietary rights.

The contents of the Portal and any other information published on it are available for personal and not-for-profit use only. Used contents and information must be cited.

On the other hand, you may not sell, license, rent, modify, copy, reproduce, republish, download, advertise, move, distribute, publicly display, edit or create derivative works from any material or content on this Portal for public or commercial purposes without the prior written permission of the ECRA in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It is absolutely prohibited to modify any of the Portal’s contents. Moreover, the graphics and images on this Portal are copyright-protected and may not be reproduced or exploited in any way without the prior written permission of the ECRA in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



You hereby agree to be exclusively subject to Saudi judicial authorities regarding any claims or disputes arising from using the Portal, noting that Arabic shall be the official language used to resolve and disputes arising from using the Portal or any of its contents.


Privacy Policy

The ECRA is committed to protect the rights of all its users. We hereby commit to keep critical information secret. The following announcement has been prepared to illustrate the mechanisms we follow in collecting and publishing information on the Saudi portal.


Collecting and Using Information

Our servers automatically gather the IP addresses of portal users. The IP address is the number associated with your computer and it allows other computers connected to the Internet to identify the source of data, in addition to collecting information about the user’s browser and search engine but without identifying the user.
Using the IP address helps us solve any problems arising on our Servers, including statistics about the use of the Portal (such as number of users, the language of the computer used etc). We never permit any party, other than the technical team of ECRA Portal, to know your IP address.


Cookie Files

We may save (cookie) files on your computer when you first visit our portal. Cookie files are a kind of data that help specify you as a user. They can be used to increase your utilization of the portal and also to better understand needs of the majority of users.

Most browsers accept cookies as a default. Should you desire, you can re-configure the settings of your browser to refuse all cookies or to alert you when they are sent to your computer. Be aware that some services on the Saudi Portal will not work properly if you refuse cookies. We may or may not link information saved within the cookies with any identifying information entered through our portal.


Protecting Personal Information 

Your personal information will never be made available to the public without your prior consent. This information will not be circulated, exchanged or sold to any party without your prior consent. Our experts are only permitted to handle this information in order to provide such services of the Saudi portal as are consistent with your needs. Your information may however, be made available to government officials, in the exceptional circumstances that this need should arise. 


The Right to Know, Modify or Correct Personal Data 

Any user, who has previously provided us with information, has the full right to know, modify or correct their personal information. Changing personal information can be done through e services portal. 


Other Websites  

Our approach to privacy applies solely on ECRA Portal. When connecting to any other website through, you should carefully read their privacy policy to know how information security and privacy procedures are followed there.