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Open Data

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Open Data

About Open Data

ECRA Portal provides an Open Data Platform, aiming to enable the public to use and benefit from the data available on the site. This platform includes :

1. National Electricity Registry
2. KPIs
3. Complaints data
4. Licensed & Exempted Entities

In addition, several data-rich documents and studies are available in a variety of different formats, such as PDF and XSL without having to use specialized programs, where they can be downloaded or viewed online via the open data library.


Open Data Platform

Please refer to “Data And Statistics” on the following link​


Open Data Users

ECRA makes it available for portal users to access open data and use it at their personal responsibility; it is a right guaranteed to all users.
Open data users’ responsibility: Open data users shall be responsible for re-using the data available at ECRA Portal, provided that the re-use of such data must not result in any errors related to the content of data, its source ​and history.​​


ECRA Responsibility

ECRA shall not be held responsible for any misuse experienced by others as a result of using such data available on its Portal. Nor shall ECRA be held responsible by the users of this data due to whatever damage they might incur as a result of re-using the data. In addition, ECRA does not guarantee continuity of such data or part of it.


Terms of Data Reuse​​

1. The data must not be used for political purposes, or illegal use in education or research.
2. When using such data, its source should be mentioned (ECRA Portal).​
3.  The source of the reused data must be referred to, by adding the link , so as to maintain the intellectual property of the data, as well as the credibility and validity of its source.