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What kind of problems does ECRA solve?

If you face any problem related to electricity such as invoice issues, meters, high or low voltage installations, electricity connecting, compensations, electricity safety or any other problem that is related to electricity, ECRA is fully prepared to discuss the problem and answer your inquiries.​

How could the consumer discuss his problem?

First, he/she should contact  service provider in order to solve his problem. However, if he is not satisfied with the solution, he should write an official letter to the service provider sating his disagreement. ​

How could the consumer write an official letter?

He should contact the the service provider to inform him of his desire to present a request or a complaint. That could be done via:

o    Letter/ fax.

o    E-mail.

We recommend you to follow these steps when you present your complaint:

o    Contact service provider (you should know the name of the person who is in charge with complaints).

o    In your letter, give a full explanation of the problem showing all the details.  

o    Attach copies of documents which support your complaint. For example, invoices, pictures or letters. Keep copies of any document you submit (important: do not submit original documents).

o    If the problem is related to invoice, take the readings of the meter in different periods.

o    Write your remarks in order to follow up your problem with  service provider's specialists.

o    Include date, your name and address in the letter, so service provider could respond to your letter.

o    Include your phone number in the letter, so service provider could contact you if he needs more information. ​

To whom should I present my complaint at first?

First, you should contact service provider in order to solve your problem, since ECRA could not follow up your complaint before giving a chance to service provider to find a solution. If the service provider failed to solve your problem or if you are not satisfied with the solution, then you can present your complaint to ECRA with paying attention to the previous points of writing a formal letter. ​