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Consumer Rights

​​​Provision of service is one of the activities of the electricity industry which deals directly with consumer. The Electricity Law stipulates that the licensee should get a license from ECRA to work in this field. At the present time, Saudi Electricity Company is the only licensee in the Kingdom. However, according to the Electricity Law, it is expected that other licensees may participate in this activity in the future.

Consumer's rights on licensee include the following:

Provision of Service:

The consumer has the following rights with respect to the provision of service:
  •  Secure the electricity service without any unfair discrimination from the licensee as long as the consumer is able to pay the   fee.
  •  Obtain a reliable and stable service.
  •  Be informed with the accredited tariff applicable in his case.
  •  Receive a notification before 30 days if any change in the tariff occurs.
  •  Receive a written notice from the licensee to pay the dues (if he delayed paying them) in less than 20 work days*. If the     consumer does not pay the dues by the end of that period, the licensee has the right to discontinue the service.

The service should not be discontinued unless:
  •  The consumer fails to pay the dues following expiry of the statutory notice period.
  •  If he obtains electricity or supplies it to another person without permission of the licensee.
  •  If he tampers with any part of the electricity system or its associated meters.


Regarding Invoices:

The consumer has the following rights:
  •  Receive a monthly invoice from the licensee showing details of dues.
  •  Be informed with the meter readings that the invoice covers from the beginning of the period to the end.
  •  The invoice must show the unit for each item.
  •  In the case of estimated costs, the invoice must show that clearly ,and deposit in the consumer's account any amounts paid   in excess of what is actually due from the consumer.
  •  If the consumer objects accuracy of the meter reading, he has the right to ask the licensee for a meter examination provided   the consumer agrees to bear the charges if the meter is found free of fault.
  •  The consumer must have reasonable time to pay his delayed dues.


Other Rights:

  •  The licensee should listen to the consumer's complaint about any aspect of the service, deal with it seriously and find a   reasonable solution within the specified period determined by ECRA.
  •  The licensee should transfer any unresolved dispute (or complaint) to ECRA. The licensee is bound to provide the consumer    with detailed information about the person responsible for consumer care in ECRA.
  •  The licensee should adopt plans and general programs to enlighten consumers about safety and means of rationalization in   consuming electric power. The consumer must take some responsibilities in order to ensure getting a constant, efficient and   qualitative service.

The responsibilities include the following:

Regarding Electricity Installations:

  •  The consumer should execute the electric installations in his estate or house and maintain them on his own account, starting   from the contact point in the meter while the licensee is responsible for installations from the system to the meter.
  •  The electric installations should be done by professional technicians.
  •  Make sure of the professional qualifications of people who are undertaking the electric installations.
  •  The electric installations should be compatible with the technical specifications and standards approved in the Kingdom   which ensure safety and security of the people and properties.
  •  The consumer shall be responsible for all equipments and devices in his estate connected to the licensee's systems unless   there is a written agreement between the consumer and the licensee contrary to that.
  •  The consumer shall take the necessary procedures to protect his sensitive equipments, devices and instruments from the   sudden increase in voltage or abrupt power disconnection (although the licensee is obliged to provide a high quality,   efficient and reliable service).
  •  The consumer shall supply constant service providing apparatus for his equipment which demands an uninterrupted and     continued service.
  •  The consumer shall protect his meter from any tampering and he will inform the licensee immediately if he notices that.
  •  The consumer shall provide other standby electric power sources that fall under places specified in the "Rules for Provision   of Standby electric power sources" issued by Council of Ministers Resolution no. (27) On 15/2/1401 A.H.

Dues Payment:

The following responsibilities rest with the Consumer with regard to the settlement of licensee's dues:
  •  The consumer should pay the dues within the determined period after receiving the invoice.
  •  The consumer should contact the licensee to inquire about the invoice if he does not receive it on the specified date.
  •  If the consumer objects to some dues, he should pay the other unobjected dues during the period of study and discussion of   his objections with the licensee.
  •  Reach an agreement with the licensee on appropriate payment arrangements if the consumer cannot pay the dues in total.