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Network Reliability Improvement Plan

Study Name

Network Reliability Improvement Plan

Subject of Study

To insure that electricity service is secure and reliable, the Authority formed a work team which included members from MoWE, SEC, and that National Electricity Transmission Company to draft a plan to enhance reliability of the electricity network in the Kingdom, particularly in the areas where the performance KPIs indicated that the service level was inadequate.

Date of Study


Study Objectives

To define the possible areas of improvements, the team carried out the following tasks: 

  • Statistical Analysis.
  • Evaluating Network Assets.
    • Studying the Network Operating Methods and Operational Requirements.
    • Reviewing Network Planning Methods.

    Analysis of outages data showed that over 50% of the outage times were attributable to about 500 feeders* that connect the distribution substations with the consumers. This number of feeders represents about 5% of the total number of feeders in the SEC network, i.e. 5% of the feeders cause more than 50% of the outages.

    The study determined the h causes of electricity outages in the SEC  network which impacted its consumers. The Study shows that 36% of the total outage times resulted from planned interruptions, 18% of the total outage times Kingdom-wise resulted from transient damages. This percentage may be as high as 50% in the Southern sector and 19% of the total Kingdom-wide outages times resulted from cable faults.

    The plan included several administrative and technical recommendations which the Authority expects to be implemented by SEC and the National Electricity Transmission Company at two levels:

    • Short range, not exceeding one year.
    • Medium range, not exceeding three years.