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Key Performance Indicators Regulatory Framework

Study Name

Key Performance Indicators Regulatory Framework

Subject of Study

ECRA has developed the Key Performance Indicators system to measure the licensees performance. It includes 26 KPIs covering Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Customer Services.

Date of Study


Study Objectives

KPIs enable the Authority to monitor performance of the entities working in the areas of electricity generation, transmission, distribution and consumer services as well as to determine the performance level that must be achieved by the electricity sector in future to reach standards comparable to those of the industrialized nations.

Twenty six KPIs were selected for the various activities of the electricity sector (i.e., generation, transmission, distribution, and consumer services(.In 2011 the Authority adopted the “KPIs Manual for the Electricity sector Market “, and the “Data Verification Manual”. In the same year the Authority also audited performance KPIs at the branch level of five licensees, visited 24 sites and prepared reports of the audits which were sent to the licensees and published in the ECRA website.