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 Electricity Tariff

​One of the most important concerns of ECRA is that Tariffs are designed so that they are cost  reflective, fair and affordable to end-users, their structure is easy to implement, and that income collected by the industry in accordance with these tariffs meets its revenue requirements.

In order to achieve these aims ECRA's concerns include:

  1. Developing a methodology for tariff setting and for periodic review of the adopted tariffs.
  2. Designing and preparing a tariff structure.
  3. Developing an overall tariff policy statement for the Kingdom.
  4. Preparing a standardized financial reporting system to be utilized by all licensed service providers.
  5. Developing a comprehensive system to collect financial and operational data from all service providers in the Kingdom.
  6. ​Developing a comprehensive cost accounting system in order to assess service providers' costs which ultimately affect the tariff paid by consumers.