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​​​Message ​from the Governor

​Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority (ECRA) regulates the electricity and water desalination sector    in Saudi Arabia. ECRA's work covers a wide range of tasks. These include the following:

  1. ​Developing growth and expansion plans.
  2. Monitoring the performance of service providers in addition to developing performance indicators that they should comply with to insure offering reliable and high quality services.
  3. Handling complaints associated with electricity, cogeneration and water desalination sector.
  4. Resolving disputes between consumers and service providers or between the service providers.
  5. Monitoring and developing tariffs.
  6. Protecting consumer and service providers interests.
  7. Issuing licenses to electricity and water desalination sector    investors.

As part of its intensive efforts to achieve the highest performance levels, ECRA considers electricity consumers as a priority, focusing on achieving their needs and aspirations. ECRA is the connecting link between consumers and service providers that protects private and public interests, promotes services, ensures the commitment of all parties to their obligations. It also establishes a clear, transparent, and stable regulatory framework for the electricity and water desalination sector    to induce investors and attract investments as well as overcoming difficulties faced by investors. In addition, the regulatory framework aims at ensuring optimal use of available resources to provide high quality services at reasonable prices, identifying investments requirements and encouraging the contribution of the private sector.

This portal is considered one of the most important channels of ECRA to provide services to beneficiaries. ECRA is keen to develop it and continuously update it in order to reflect its vision and objectives in line with global standards for e-government portals and to meet the needs of the portal visitors which require joint work and interaction between all parties including portal visitors and users.

The Governor