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About WERA

​​​About us

Water & Electricity Regulatory Authority (WERA) was established  pursuant to Council of Ministers Resolution No.(236) dated 27/8/1422 A.H to regulate the electricity and water desalination sector     in Saudi Arabia in addition to district cooling​.

Our Vision

To foster development of the electricity, water desalination, district cooling industries in order to attain the stage of economic sustainability, while:

  • Guaranteeing that the service provided meets the highest international standards of quality, efficiency, and coverage.
  • Protecting these industries against the cagaries of economic fluctuations, so that they can continue to serve as strong buttresses for the growth and flourishing of the national economy.

Our Mission

To ensure that supplies of electricity, desalinated water products, district cooling industries    provided to consumers in the Kingdom are:

  • Adequate.
  • Reliable.
  • Of high quality.
  • Reasonably priced.

Our Goals and Objectives

  • Protection of the public interest and rights of consumers andservice providers.
  • Promotion of consumer oriented electricity, water desalination, and cogeneration services that protect the consumer's right of choice among competing service providers.
  • Encouragement of private sector investors to participate and invest in the development of the Saudi electricity and water desalination sector , protecting their interests, and enabling them to realize fair economic returns on their investments.
  • Formation of a clear, transparent, stable and non-discriminatory regulatory framework for the electricity and water desalination sector.
  • Creation of a favorable environment that encourages legitimate and fair competition among providers and suppliers of electricity and water desalination.

​​​​Our Responsibilities

To achieve ECRA's objectives the government has charged it with certain responsibilities that are delineated in the Electricity Law and the Authority's Charter. Specifically, these responsibilities cover four areas as follows:​

Supply Matters: issuing licenses for generation, transmission, distribution, retailing and trading of electricity and cogeneration services as well as production, trading, and transportation of desalinated water; monitoring licensees' compliance with their license requirements and conditions; development of unified regulatory accounting and reporting procedures for electricity, cogeneration and desalination providers; coordination of the infrastructure of the electricity and water desalination sector   and development of the expansion plans of these industries.

Consumer Issues: assessment of tariffs charged for supply of electricity, cogeneration, and water desalination services, periodic review of these tariffs, proposing (as needed) new tariffs to the government, protecting interests of stakeholders in the sector, investigating and resolving complaints by involved parties, and improving sector     performance.

Technical Issues: developing and issuing best practice codes and standards, insuring adequacy of the R&D activities of the electricity and water desalination sector, promoting energy conservation measures and handling other relevant technical matters in coordination with the relevant authorities.

Organizational and Administrative Tasks: defining public interest with regard to the electricity and water desalination sector, development of regulations for expansion of the infrastructure of the sector, encouraging private sector participation and investments, and issuing periodic reports to the Council of Ministers on costs and tariffs of electricity, cogeneration and desalination  services.