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Initiatives & Collaboration



Glossary of The Body of Knowledge on Infrastructure Regulation:

in cooperation with the public utilities research center(PURC) of the university of Florida, USA, the Authority undertook to translate into Arabic the glossary of the body of knowledge on infrastructure regulation that was developed by the center.
The glossary contains most of the technical terms dealing with operation, management, and regulation of public utilities. Workers in the field of utility regulation, and decision and policy makers in the Arab world will benefit from the translations.
PURC is one of the outstanding research centers in the world in the field of research in public utility management and regulation. It cooperated with regulators in several countries to translate the book into the major world languages and publish it on the internet for use as reference by researchers, students, and workers in this fields.
Translating the book into Arabic is undoubtedly an important step in transferring knowledge to the Arabic speaker and enhancing the use of the Arabic language and adapting it to serve as a vehicle for modern science and technology.

Collaboration and Activities​


​​​​​Cooperation with King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology:  

In order to promote cooperation in the fields of information development, studies, and research; the Authority signed a memorandum of understanding(MoU) with ​King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology( KACST). The objective of the MoU is to undertake studies, research, and join projects; publish research findings and disseminate them to the largest possible number of experts. Cooperation will concentrate on studies and field investigations related to the energy sector, and offer consultations in the areas of codes, legislations, standards, and specifications related to the electrical energy system.​​​​

Cooperation with Regional and International Organizations:

ECRA is a member of the GCC electricity regulators forum, and the Arab electricity regulators forum which is under the umbrella of the Arab league. During the report year, the Authority continued its active membership in both organizations.
Since 2009, the Authority has become an associate member of the energy regional regulators association(ERRA), which includes energy regulators from Eastern Europe and central Asia. During 2013 ECRA continued participation in the activities of ERRA, and sent several staff members to attend its training programs and workshops to learn and see firsthand international practices in energy regulations.
The year 2013 also saw continued cooperation between the Authority and the national association of regulatory utility commissioners(NARUC) of the USA. Cooperation covered learning about US practices in licensing, monitoring regulatory compliance, tariff structures, monitoring and evaluation of licensees’ performance, consumer care, best practices and methods for long term electricity system planning, implementation of smart grids, and plans for incorporation of renewable energy sources in the electricity network.

Cooperation with King Abdullah Center for Petroleum Studies & Research:

During the year of the report, the Authority signed an MoU with the King Abdullah Center for Petroleum Studies & Research. The MoU included collaboration of researchers from ECRA and the center to undertake research projects, publish their findings so that the largest audience may benefit from them, and undertake scientific works and research of global value. 
The MoU also included cooperation to develop the local research expertise of the staffs of both organizations, exchange of expertise in the scientific and research filed, creating an environment conducive to facilitating development of innovation and creativity skills, exchanging information and statistical data to carry out research, and laying the foundation for technical cooperation and consolidating the data to avoid duplication of efforts in the areas of statistical information.​